2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Stabby Stab Stab

I love nursing school! However, I may have forgot to consider my gut-wrenching fear of needles when I applied.

Here is how my first poke went.

I think I need to practice arranging my face a bit

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Historic Baseball in Detroit

Hello fellow paddlers! My journey through nursing school has resumed with the beginning of the fall semester, so I apologize in advance for the sparse attention to my blog. Barbara do not throw the ipad, I will try my best to at least post a photo here and there until I can clear some space in my brain for creative pursuits.

noah wrote the dictionary!

So here are some photos of John, Noah and I enjoying Greenfield Village a few weekends ago, during the Historic Baseball Playoffs. A special thank you to Celeste for getting us a special parking spot. wink, wink.

john ruined my plan of petting/stealing them

i love the socks the most!

old timey car with old timey driver

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Food Carts and Castles

sipping coffee pensively in Little Italy

china town

lovely green things

Well, I’m back to finish weaving you the tale of Toronto!

One of the great things about this city is the extreme diversity, one minute your walking next to a family from Alberta(Canada), the next you are sharing a crosswalk with tiny asian schoolgirls. The multiculturalism can be appreciated especially with the food choices. We ate amazing greek food from The Healthy Greek, fantastic fish and chips from The Big Fish, and incredible teas and coffees from Manic Coffee in the little Italy neighborhood. However, with a 13% tax on everything I found myself eating crusty veggie hotdogs from food carts.

beautiful picture of a dry and disappointing meal

Still somewhat wary of food carts, I found myself bravely standing in line at an ice cream truck and redemption was found! John was not impressed though, when 10 minutes later I had to be introduced to surgeons and fellow scientists with ice cream dribbled down the front of my shirt. They must of thought he brought me as some weird social program- Scientists matched with disheveled street children to introduce them to civilized society. I must now work on my english accent and curtsy for when I meet the queen.

Casa Loma- House on the Hill

My favorite part of the trip was my excursion to Casa Loma, a castle built from 1911-1914, by wealthy businessman Sir Henry Pellatt. A quick subway ride from our hostel and a jaunty climb up 109 stairs led me to a great afternoon of snooping.

Disclaimer: I love houses. I love the different ways people decorate and remodel their homes. I love home and garden magazines and t.v. shows, and I have been known to look into strangers windows while walking the dog. I have even taken advantage of the recent economic turmoil as a way to continue this creepy hobby by peeking inside foreclosed houses just to see what color they painted their kitchens.

So, forgive me that most of the following pictures are of the rooms and furniture of this beautiful house.

I think a lot of sitting happened here

fancy room for doing fancy things

library: perfect for cell phone acoustics

hallway used in the X-men movie

conservatory for fancy plants

secret passageway leading from study to upper level

precarious stairway leading to scottish tower

inside scottish tower- 3 thousand degrees fahrenheit and where my camera died

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T is for Toronto; C is for Crime

Recently we went on our much anticipated otolaryngology international conference held this year in Toronto, Canada. Personally, I was excited just to visit a city that I’ve heard so much about and yet had never before been. Being so close to Canada, it is almost a right of passage to visit their largest city. My sisters 7th grade class went, friends going to concerts went, I think even my grandparents went. All of their returning tales were similar, ” Best city EVER!”, ” Super clean and SOOOOO SAFE!”, ” Can’t wait to go back!”.  I was pumped! This long awaited break from mundanity was going to be such an adventure. So, perhaps it was with this exaggerated anticipation that destined the city to be a whopping disappointment.

taken inside Casa Loma

 Just a bit more pessimism and than I’ll tell you the good bits: Toronto happens to be experiencing an uncharacteristic crime wave of gun violence, and a summer heat wave that topped out at 113 degrees F ( 45 C ), which made sight seeing a test of human fortitude. Everything closes at 7pm. They have a 13% tax on purchases and if you use your visa card you can add a 4% fee on top of that. So all in all we were uncomfortable, leery, and horrified as our first impressions. Oh yes, and our hostel had no air conditioning, perfect for romance.

an unwanted advance of his personal space 🙂

So now the good bits- Casa Loma has secret passageways, homeless people gave good directions and had interesting life stories ( yes, I got a little lonely one day while John was being a smarty pants scientist), the chocolate is just as good as the U.K., and we found the best fish and chip shop outside of Sherwood Forest ( not making that up, Nottingham, England has a wonderful chippy shop just up the hill from family friends Stewart and Christina).

Winston Churchill and his feathered ‘friend’

Once we realized that we couldn’t just wander around downtown after 7pm, we did a quick google search of things to do at night other than sit in a pub and stare at each other. We went to a discounted show at The Second City comedy club, I recommend this highly, I’ll give it a totally made up rating of  5 diamond paddles. We are still quoting and laughing about the skits we saw. We also met a lovely couple from Halifax that recommended we come be best friends with them, and may have invited us to crash their anniversary night, I’m a little fuzzy on the details what with the Canadian/American language barrier 🙂

” and now white people doing stereotypes”,says only black actor.

The search for cheap entertainment also lead us to walking 9 miles to a park to watch a ‘ pay what you can’ Shakespeare play. I had blisters for a week but loved the play, loved the park, and loved the nighttime walk back along the beach with my sweetie.

a silly interpretation of A Midsummer Nights Dream, featured Canadian mounties and a crazy speed-walking Helena.

south side skyline along Lake Ontario

Stayed Tuned for part 2 of our Toronto adventure, I have to go pee now.

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Escape to CanadaLand!

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, what with planning out the rest of my life and what-not. So, I did what I do when I am bored of hearing myself think, I escape.

I believe this to be the best solution to most of people’s problems. Don’t wanna pay the mortgage? No problem! Sleepypaddler says I can just run away!

Think you may have made a bad career move? Just flip off the boss and go buy something pretty!

Realizing you should have never had children at your twins third birthday party? I can help! Pack a suitcase and drive outta the country!

Goodbye U.S and the endless political debates!

AHHH! rye whiskey and fries solves everything!

Lake Huron sunsets are the best

Bob outdrinks me, then tells dirty jokes, perfect day at the marina


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Ypsilanti is on Fire!

100 degrees today…. are you kidding me! I chose to live here because it is not supposed to scorch me!

our beloved water tower

my car thermostat for validity

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This is your brain on tuba

she shall forever be known as …’the waitress’

Look closely at the dreadlocked hair, beady eyes, and staggered gait and you will see my friends, a drug-addict( or given the benefit of the doubt- neurological disease and bad hygiene).

Barbara, Celeste, Tuko(mini schnauzer) and I drove to Williamstown, Mi to visit Tuko’s lovely holistic veterinarian, Dr. Ann Rice, and to meet our friend Ko at the Travelers Club and Tuba Museum.

each month there is a featured country for the menu-we got Japan, yum!

The food was yummy and the company excellent, the service however, somehow left a bad taste in our mouths… oh wait that was our waitresses dreadlocked hair, as she whipped into our faces and full plates.

We giggled as she struggling to get the right food to the right person and when she almost dumped soup on us. We became slightly concerned but increasingly amused as her words became more  jumbled and she weeble-wobbled, tripped, and dropped things on her way all around the diner, and as she haphazardly tossed condiments onto the table.

Another source of entertainment throughout the meal was whispering conspiratorially to the other patrons, about which drug and how much of it she was on. Everyone nodded and tried to chuckle politely behind there hands when she came by.

The crescendo of her performance came though, when we needed a few boxes to take home leftovers. When she came back she half fell/ half crushed them into my unprepared hands and then HURLED plastic baggies into Barbara’s bewildered face!  Some of the bags landed in our food, the others were wet and strewn across the table, the waitress just stumbled back into the kitchen with only a slurring of good wishes and how to pay the bill. The tension and absurdity of the entire meal finally broke free and we all  erupted into excruciating belly laughter! My stomach hurt for hours…or maybe that was because of the hair enhanced miso soup…

ps. did you know that dreadlocks, like the rainforest hold mystical healing powers?  just kidding there filled with bugs and bacteria

Ko and Celeste 















the infamous hair

My beautiful friends:)

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don’t call me, i have no phone

my week in list form, for lazy purpose

1. a friend had babies

2. a friend had bridal shower

3. family went to family reunion without me

4. john sold things on ebay

5. played disc golf

6. had sex

7. ate popcorn to celebrate the sex

8. lost umbrella

9. walked dog in rain

10. took nap

11. watched noah drop phone in pool

12. taught noah about space and orphanages

13. washed clothes

14. ate sandwich

15. watched ‘Girls’ on HBO

16. forgot to buy dog food

17. fed dog peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

18. ran out of peanut butter

19. fed dog taco bell

20. went on diet




how was your week?

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Best waste of time since Pinterest


Some of my favourite finds (spelled with a “u” out of respect for the queen)

fish condo… of course!

giant pancake pillows!!! i’ll wear yellow pajamas and pretend to be a pat of butter all day long!

heehee i think all doorstops should terrify young children:)

R.I.P bob ross i love you and your magical trees!

usb typewriter, lower wages and sexual harassment not included.

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