Happiness is…

being able to pay all your bills this month without having to sell your blood plasma, your left kidney, or your boyfriends sperm.

becoming the adopted mommy of a Florida manatee named Ginger! Thanks Barbara, Celeste, and Tuko!!

having your nephew call you chef after making a delicious play-doh meal, while forgetting to actually feed him.

should've seen the christmas tree risotto!

having the entire world celebrate your half-birthday by giving each other chocolate and flowers.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Love your post my dear. It was good to stand in line with you and your dear sweet bf. He’s one of the most adorable scientists I’ve ever seen. So sad you didn’t get tickets to hug Obama. I’m sure he would have welcomed it.

  2. Pura Burback

    it would be great to have a life full of happines.”

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