An Apology to Everyone

I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that I am incredibly slightly annoying. This has been most recently confirmed a short 10 minutes ago.

Actual phone conversation with John:

Me: HEEEELLLLLOOOOO! I just got home from work, where are you? I’m STARVING!!!!

John: Hey, I’m still playing disc golf but I went grocery shopping so you should be able to survive until I get home.

Me: Oh good! I’m in the fridge now. Is this naan bread for me?

John: No

Me: Oh, Ok. Is this loaf of whole wheat bread for me?

John: No

Me: Well, is this old tortilla in the back for me?

John: No

Me: How come there isn’t any doughy stuff for me to eat? What kind-of grocery store did you go to?

John: You told me not to buy you bread anymore because it makes you fat!

Me: Oh, I forgot. Is this ice cream for me?


I think you can imagine why John has gone prematurely gray. At the end of the conversation he also informed me that someone was coming over soon and that he needed me to, ” be at a level 4, instead of a normal Jeanette 12″, because this person has a ukelele and I have a history of being overly excitable towards those that play tiny instruments.

Isn’t everyone?


So with that in mind, I have decided to dedicate this post to the entire country of India, especially the poor saps (the other volunteers and host families) that were lured into befriending me. I realize now that you were all mislead by my adorable smile and shiny hair. Don’t feel bad it happens to the best.  I truly do apologize though to anyone that came into contact with me,  except maybe Baby Jack, he’s an asshole too.

This is Baby Jack- he once told a homeless man to eat hair. True story.

This is Baby Jack- he once told a homeless man to eat hair. True story.

Let’s use some big words, shall we?

I am an autodidact and therefore can be very bossy. Since I’m smarter than everyone else, I tend to be a bit of a know-it-all and can be very impatient, which surprisingly, isn’t a great trait to have while making new friends. But since we were all mashed together to make this impromptu family, everyone filled an important role, and mine was to be obnoxious. Someone had to do it, and generous, sweetly naive, and sardonic had already been taken.

my poor sweet Lizette, she loved telling everyone that I was a "bad roomie". In her thick accent though it just made me laugh!

my poor innocent Lizette, she loved telling everyone that I was a “bad roomie”. In her thick accent though it just made me laugh


The closest thing that could describe this curious dynamic would be a summer camp group, where strangers fill each day with 2 weeks worth of adventure, and it only takes a  week to create lifelong bonds.  We all loved each other for what we were, and for what we weren’t. And together we all survived. Except for Lauren, who never paid attention and was accidentally left behind 2 or 3 times.

the last time we ever saw her.

the last time we ever saw her.

We knew we were a strange group. So it was no surprise that our request for a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama was rejected.  While we were visiting Dharamsala he did a teaching at the Tibetan Children’s Village, so we wandered on over to get a glimpse. After we were told to stop hovering by the door by a man with a machine gun, we settled onto a ledge and patiently waited to sneak in.  We eventually did get to hear him speak, translated from TIbetan to Hindi then to English, via a.m. radio provided by our hero, the mandolin wielding Israeli named Kyle. It was mesmerizing.

Sofie and I enjoying a fart joke told by the holiest man on the planet.

Sofie and I enjoying a fart joke told by the holiest man on the planet. seriously, he told a fart joke!

fart jokes transcend any language barrier

He did also talk about compassion and whatnot. *

* Photo taken by the beautiful Sofia Garza. Also known as the short sneaky one that scolded me for shouting and waving at Mr. Lama. In my defense, he waved back.




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2 thoughts on “An Apology to Everyone

  1. Das Becka!

    Ha! This post made me laugh. Although, I disagree. I don’t think you are annoying, in fact your normal level 12 Jeanette is what makes you my Nettie. I love that you get so excited about little things, spontaneously start dancing, laugh really loud, and have a fondness for doughy things! Maybe it’s because I do all these things too, so I find them incredibly charming! Lol

  2. Haha! Remember that time we laughed way too long over a donut?

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