Snow falling on Atlas

my boot is wet

this lake is wet

As you can see, it is winter again and we are still at the lake. We had planned to move into an affordable loft downtown but as luck (and inexperience) would have it, we were swindled. Left without a down payment we didn’t have many other options, so we stayed. I guess it’s not too bad, we aren’t able to save any money, but we did find an awesome roommate who likes to have snowball fights and movie nights.

her nose is wet

this nose is wet




For those of you who are not from around here, Michigan winters are incredibly frustrating. The day you plan to go skiing it is 40and raining, and the day you plan to go for an evening jog it is 5and blizzarding. So as usual, I was surprised on my drive home from work/school today that it was super icy and I had no control of my brakes and could barely see the bus I almost careened into.


these trees are wet

these trees are wet



The best part of winter is snow

Falling snow is silent. Birds aren’t chirping, traffic is muffled; its like wearing cold headphones or having frozen cotton balls in your earholes. I love walking slowly, as it drifts down around me. Sometimes when it is really late at night and the sky is clear I imagine that I am an astronaut floating around in space, fully absorbed in the stillness that surrounds me.


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