Food Carts and Castles

sipping coffee pensively in Little Italy

china town

lovely green things

Well, I’m back to finish weaving you the tale of Toronto!

One of the great things about this city is the extreme diversity, one minute your walking next to a family from Alberta(Canada), the next you are sharing a crosswalk with tiny asian schoolgirls. The multiculturalism can be appreciated especially with the food choices. We ate amazing greek food from The Healthy Greek, fantastic fish and chips from The Big Fish, and incredible teas and coffees from Manic Coffee in the little Italy neighborhood. However, with a 13% tax on everything I found myself eating crusty veggie hotdogs from food carts.

beautiful picture of a dry and disappointing meal

Still somewhat wary of food carts, I found myself bravely standing in line at an ice cream truck and redemption was found! John was not impressed though, when 10 minutes later I had to be introduced to surgeons and fellow scientists with ice cream dribbled down the front of my shirt. They must of thought he brought me as some weird social program- Scientists matched with disheveled street children to introduce them to civilized society. I must now work on my english accent and curtsy for when I meet the queen.

Casa Loma- House on the Hill

My favorite part of the trip was my excursion to Casa Loma, a castle built from 1911-1914, by wealthy businessman Sir Henry Pellatt. A quick subway ride from our hostel and a jaunty climb up 109 stairs led me to a great afternoon of snooping.

Disclaimer: I love houses. I love the different ways people decorate and remodel their homes. I love home and garden magazines and t.v. shows, and I have been known to look into strangers windows while walking the dog. I have even taken advantage of the recent economic turmoil as a way to continue this creepy hobby by peeking inside foreclosed houses just to see what color they painted their kitchens.

So, forgive me that most of the following pictures are of the rooms and furniture of this beautiful house.

I think a lot of sitting happened here

fancy room for doing fancy things

library: perfect for cell phone acoustics

hallway used in the X-men movie

conservatory for fancy plants

secret passageway leading from study to upper level

precarious stairway leading to scottish tower

inside scottish tower- 3 thousand degrees fahrenheit and where my camera died

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2 thoughts on “Food Carts and Castles

  1. I’ve been to Casa Loma many times. I love it there. Good to see your blog post hon. Love the photo of your beloved in the sun glasses. 🙂

  2. Thanks! He is a cutie!

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