This is your brain on tuba

she shall forever be known as …’the waitress’

Look closely at the dreadlocked hair, beady eyes, and staggered gait and you will see my friends, a drug-addict( or given the benefit of the doubt- neurological disease and bad hygiene).

Barbara, Celeste, Tuko(mini schnauzer) and I drove to Williamstown, Mi to visit Tuko’s lovely holistic veterinarian, Dr. Ann Rice, and to meet our friend Ko at the Travelers Club and Tuba Museum.

each month there is a featured country for the menu-we got Japan, yum!

The food was yummy and the company excellent, the service however, somehow left a bad taste in our mouths… oh wait that was our waitresses dreadlocked hair, as she whipped into our faces and full plates.

We giggled as she struggling to get the right food to the right person and when she almost dumped soup on us. We became slightly concerned but increasingly amused as her words became more  jumbled and she weeble-wobbled, tripped, and dropped things on her way all around the diner, and as she haphazardly tossed condiments onto the table.

Another source of entertainment throughout the meal was whispering conspiratorially to the other patrons, about which drug and how much of it she was on. Everyone nodded and tried to chuckle politely behind there hands when she came by.

The crescendo of her performance came though, when we needed a few boxes to take home leftovers. When she came back she half fell/ half crushed them into my unprepared hands and then HURLED plastic baggies into Barbara’s bewildered face!  Some of the bags landed in our food, the others were wet and strewn across the table, the waitress just stumbled back into the kitchen with only a slurring of good wishes and how to pay the bill. The tension and absurdity of the entire meal finally broke free and we all  erupted into excruciating belly laughter! My stomach hurt for hours…or maybe that was because of the hair enhanced miso soup…

ps. did you know that dreadlocks, like the rainforest hold mystical healing powers?  just kidding there filled with bugs and bacteria

Ko and Celeste 















the infamous hair

My beautiful friends:)

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