don’t call me, i have no phone

my week in list form, for lazy purpose

1. a friend had babies

2. a friend had bridal shower

3. family went to family reunion without me

4. john sold things on ebay

5. played disc golf

6. had sex

7. ate popcorn to celebrate the sex

8. lost umbrella

9. walked dog in rain

10. took nap

11. watched noah drop phone in pool

12. taught noah about space and orphanages

13. washed clothes

14. ate sandwich

15. watched ‘Girls’ on HBO

16. forgot to buy dog food

17. fed dog peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

18. ran out of peanut butter

19. fed dog taco bell

20. went on diet




how was your week?

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3 thoughts on “don’t call me, i have no phone

  1. Did you teach Noah about orphanages after he dropped your phone in the pool?

  2. I have been told that mentioning ‘sex’ is weirding out my entire social group, I defend this choice of wording as comedic timing, however not everyone is as funny as me so just pretend it says ‘ intense cuddling with strategic friction followed by a buttery popped snack’

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