I Heart Madison

This pretty much sums up Wisconsin:)

Madison,Wisconsin is a super laid-back, bike-friendly capitol city and has some of the best food I have EVER eaten!!!

I spent 4days touristing around and this is what I did…

missed my train due to an elevator issue

ate lots of great food with my best friend Mandy

Thai pavilion covered in super fragile gold leaf = must touch

or lick

sooo shiny!

ate sweet potato hash at Monty’s Diner

toured the capital bldg

sat where I wasn’t supposed to ( senate majority leaders chair..oops)

met the lovely capitol police

Mandy wasn’t amused… just kidding of course she was!!!

saw some weird stuff

yup weird

had ice cream at the Union next to this kid

saw bikes

saw rental bikes

saw boats

and then drank tea

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5 thoughts on “I Heart Madison

  1. Madison was never this interesting when I was there! And what does that window say in the first photo? I’m trying to read it but it’s obscured by a redneck in overalls. Probably one of my cousins.

  2. its a pie shop next to a psychic!!!

  3. How nice to be able to “travel along”, virtually with you! Looks like fun had by all. Lovely post 🙂

  4. Great shots of a great looking place. Thanks for taking us along

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