Just some things I saw whilst in Liverpool

Row Houses

Lamb Banana

Creepy ancient graveyard

Duck Boat

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Docks

Window of Bombed-out Church

Creepy ancient tombstones

Natural spring of plague water

Bombed-out Church

John on some street art

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10 thoughts on “Just some things I saw whilst in Liverpool

  1. sorry about the visible code, still learning html 🙂

  2. Amanda Jayne

    I like how you have a photo of John on there, like you just found him while you were wandering in Liverpool.

  3. He does wander a lot 🙂

  4. love the photographs, by the way, you are really honest with your html 😀

  5. That bombed out church window is gorgeous!

    • why thank you! I use a thousand year old fugifilm camera and tend to lie on the ground in public spaces to get a good shot…glad to know laying in chewed gum all over the world has been appreciated!

      • Very much so! (And if I may say so, your technique would probably make a fine book ;))

      • I believe a coffee table book may be in my future if I ever find that elusive sugar daddy financial backer 🙂

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