Why do I ALWAYS get lotion in my eye!?!?!!

Well, Hello there!

The semester is finally over and now to resume my regularly scheduled life…. wait what is it I do?

Lately in my zombie like state I have noticed various smells coming from the neighbors condo. Yesterday was onions, the day before diarrhea (there was a terrifying moment on the stairs when I thought our condo was the origin of said smell, thankfully it was not), today there is a lovely pungent smell that I vaguely remember from my days of following bands around giving b.j.’s to lead singers and drum techs, oh no, never mind that wasn’t me that was in a movie I saw once.

Don’t get me wrong I do not hold any judgement over those who enjoy smoking pot, I just don’t like the idea of my mom coming over and getting a funny smirk on her face as she recognizes it.

But back on track now, this morning I got lotion in my eye, as I do every morning and realized that I leave for Wisconsin on Sunday and you all will be getting much more exciting updates after that, I promise to get back to writing about traveling instead of my mundane eccentricities.

Oh, so to continue this completely non-sequential post I’d like to share photos from a birthday party we attended a couple weeks ago of our dearest friend Barbara, please compare and contrast them to those of Noah’s birthday party just a few days after.

Barbara, Tuko, and mexican chocolate cake

Noah and his cupcake

Celeste artfully handling our dinner

Becka being artfully creepy with fake mustache and flower

Everyone enjoying sophistication and assorted whiskeys

Me, alone on playground equipment and fake mustache

pinchy pinchy


Finally, what I like to call ” douchbag baby”, this is what happens when a 3 year old gets an escalade! ( My sister does not like this, but seriously look at their faces!!!)

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