Captain’s Log 4.8.12

Location: Ford Lake

Current Air Temperature: 53 F

Current Water Temperature: 33 F

Wind Speed: 11MPH

Well, I did it. I got into my kayak and I paddled. I paddled till my arms were burning. Then I panicked when I realized I had been blown completely off course and I was soaking wet.

Frantically trying to navigate back to shore was not easy, I was splashed repeatedly in the face and was violently accosted by icy, icy waves. I may have misjudged the season by about a month. Will try again once the hypothermia has subsided. I have  to at least one more time before I deliver her to her new owner.

After John dragged me on deck he made me a hot water bottle( shaped like a penguin), and tucked my bright red shivering self under some quilts. I guess I should check a thermostat next time I feel like jumping into the lake, or maybe a calendar.

"I'll never forget you!" ~John yelled, as he realized I shouldn't be in the water.

hmmm something feels weird... is that ice?...

What a lovely view!

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