Frog Water

Had to sell my kayak for drug money.

Well, if you consider rent a drug, as in, I am addicted to being sheltered, then yes that statement is true.

Between tuition and rent, and the necessity of shrinking my work schedule down to just 2 days a week, to accommodate an increasingly absurd amount of credit hours, we have decided to sell anything that isn’t attached to our persons, and move to a small loft close to the bus station.

Although, this sounds sad, leaving the lake condo, I believe our new endeavor will be quite sexy. I will look back on our days of cooking on a hot-plate, balanced on the back of our toilet with a fuzzy fondness, as I drink my tea from a jeweled cup given to me from the queen on my 30th birthday.

It will be like in those urban sitcoms where their places are too small so they hang out in coffee shops and have riveting conversations about politics and slutty co-workers.

So, here is my tribute to the lake, even though we do not leave till September, I have a feeling we may have an unseasonably snowy summer and I won’t get another chance to throw rocks in it.

Noah calls it ' Nette's Lake'

ahhh invasive species!!!

too cold for docks, too yucky to touch

my noah bear so pensive:)

" This is frog water, but whales live here too." ~Noah

my butt got dirty taking this one

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3 thoughts on “Frog Water

  1. Good luck with your down sizing and moving and coping with the current economy. It’s a tough world out there, but I do applaud your attitude. It can only go well with you in future. 🙂

    • i do love an adventure and although things may be tight financially we are the wealthiest of people, because we love and are loved by soo many:)

  2. I second Zelmare’s comments. You do have the best of attitudes — and as someone who is a decade more into this than you, I can report back that it’s all about the attitude. Attitude gets you EVERYWHERE (good and bad). Yours is certain to end in good. Lots of it! And to sacrifice for more education is the smartest sacrifice to make. It’s one of the only things (other than a sudden windfall of cash) that insures growth in your future!

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