Let’s not talk about the weather

So, lately there has been some crazy apocalypse-esque weather here, that has everyone wondering why we don’t just call it a day and all move to Hawaii. I think we all can agree that global warming is trying to kill us, and it’s all our fault. The earth is pissed people!

I have lived in Michigan my entire life, and for the past several winters I have slowly noticed that there is less and less snow, later and later into the year. I remember going snowmobiling before Thanksgiving! Now there wasn’t even snow on Christmas. My nephew and I built just one snowman, and it melted the same day! I have had this feeling of impending doom that was effectuated on Thursday as John and I fought to survive a thunderstorm, hail storm, tornado and flood all on our lovely drive home. I wanted to take pictures of the golf-ball sized ice chunks that were hitting the windshield with such force that they exploded with a deafening sound of a shotgun, but I was terrified to even to take my thoughts off the road for even a second, not that John would’ve heard me over the noise anyhow. The tornado hit a subdivision just a couple miles west of us and thankfully no one was injured though a whole lot a people lost their homes. It was right at the apex of the storm, when my car was successfully floating off the road that John decided to open the window and catch an ice bullet- he was smacked in the head repeatedly as he tried frantically to roll the window back up.

I told him he was an idiot and has lost window privileges until further review.

I have no pictures from that storm, but we did take a few after a storm last week that knocked down a steeple from a local church, so here ya go.

John thought he could lift it- he could not.


hmmmm with some bungee cords I could have a unicorn car!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s not talk about the weather

  1. Scary…

  2. It’s funny the piece didn’t shatter once it hit the ground…like the unicorn remark!

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