Things I Know ( part t2w0)

Well, now that I have your curiosity properly stoked let me weave you a whimsical word explosion!

New Jersey Sucks!

See, I’m poetic.

It all began with a 3 hour delay outta Detroit, followed by a bitter gate-keeper who denied us access to our patiently waiting airplane, a few choice words were tossed about and it ended with a 24 hour layover in Newark, New Jersey: the car-theft capital of the world. Travel Tip #1: Do not fly Continental.

The New York skyline was teasingly close, yet we had no time to commission a taxi and wing our way through the city. John was worried about missing yet another plane so were going to play it safe and embark on a cultural tour of Newark. At this time we had NO idea that we were in an extremely dangerous area, we wondered around alley ways and through parking lot soup kitchens with our passports, cash, and laptop swinging gleefully at our sides. The naivete of our stroll was abruptly challenged when, hoping to find a farmers market, we walked to a place called The Market. Instead of finding fruit, we found hookers, bums, and sweet-talking salesmen with their wares strewn about in the back of a rusty car. We had a few laughs about it later into the trip but I will take extra caution when booking flights in the future to avoid that airport and airline.

Jersey Trifecta-Gym, Tan, Laundry

Earlier this month my friend threw a Jersey Shore Party, well I hate to continue stereotypes but we had a great time talking in exaggerated  accents, practicing famous lines like “Muff Cabbage and Tan and Yo!”,  we even watched a few episodes of The Jersey Shore to get just the right amount of trashy. It was a lovely night of dancing, drinking and groping. Maybe one day I’ll forgive New Jersey and go get some ice cream by the shore.

Jersey Face!


Snooki- our dance guru!


Notice the leopard print pumps! Great ice sculpture riding Mo!


" We are the best dancers! We should be on Star Search!"



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