Things I Know (part one)

I know that I…

1) don’t like bleu, goat, or swiss cheese, to me they taste like armpit, sweaty hair, and feet respectively.

i taste like i smell! don't lick me!!

2) don’t like cilantro, it tastes like soap, this is because I carry the recessive gene for this herby flavor. Recessive genes are also responsible for my blond hair, blue eyes and five fingered hands. Add in the fact that only 2% of the world has narcolepsy and you find that I am one rare bird.

Soak it up! you know i'm special!!

3) hold Continental Airlines responsible for our near death excursion into Newark, New Jersey, the 24 hour layover that resulted in us missing John’s grandmother’s 90th birthday high-tea party, and my new found obsession with knock-off purses sold from the trunks of stranger’s cars. I guess I need to explain this one…. It was a cold and rainy night….. stay tuned for part 2.

the only time I dared to stop long enough to take a photo, I like all the boarded up windows and the fire escape that doesn't seem to go anywhere.

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6 thoughts on “Things I Know (part one)

  1. Love your posts sleepypaddler. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Tim

    Five fingered hands, huh? Did I miss something for the last 26 years?

  3. To have 5 fingers is a recessive gene, to have 6 fingers is a dominant gene. Geesh Tim take some biology classes:)

    • John Henry

      Well there go all my common-sense biology teachings out the bloody window.

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