I licked the penguin

I love driving John to work in the morning, he treats me to a coffee from Timmy-Ho’s and is then trapped for the duration of the ride to listen to whatever is spilling outta my head. This morning we drove past a skyscraper being built and launched into a discussion about the finer points of architectural design and execution. We both can imagine how a log cabin is built (logs), we know how a window is placed into a wall hole(glue), and we realize why they use giant cranes to build high-rise buildings(lunch break dares). The thing that we couldn’t figure out though is how they get the crane ON top of the building! It has been distracting me all day, and this is what I have come up with… Helicopters.


p.s. John bought me a discounted cupcake last night… deliciously frugal!

someone had a sad cupcake-less birthday

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3 thoughts on “I licked the penguin

  1. What a beautiful cupcake my dear. And what a great post. I think John is quite the “keeper”. 🙂

  2. Your mornings sound so nice! I am going to start riding along. I want Tim Hortons!

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