I just wanted to hug him!

Waking up at 5 am is usually reserved for random drug testees, black friday shopping mobs, and delusional tweens vying for Justin Beiber tickets. Not someone with a sleep disorder that results in black-outs when 22 hours of sleep isn’t procured, yesterday however, I made a rare exception when I found out that the President of the United States was coming to town to speak on affordable tuition policies. This being a particularly important passion of mine( along with universal healthcare, human equality, and the freedom to eat dessert as a main course), I was Über-Excited to get the chance to be a part of history and to possibly wrap that cutie up in a big bear hug:). Sensing that this would be a big draw in our area, I felt that lining up early would be a necessity to getting my hands on the golden ticket. So under a compulsory stipulation in our dating contract, John was forced to stand in line with me even as he complained that he didn’t see the appeal ” It’s not like we’re meeting the Queen”. That green-card is sexy until it’s time to talk politics.

" He doesn't even get a scepter".

Unfortunately, everyone else on the planet had the same idea, except they brought tents and camped over night. We didn’t stand a chance, after three hours a representative came by and said that all tickets had been handed out and it would be “risky” to keep standing in line. I wish they would’ve told us that before the hypothermia set in and John needed to have his ear amputated. It was well worth it though, we met great people, had a laugh, and I got to see a sunrise with my sweetie.

The beginning of the line was behind us, after it wrapped around 3 city blocks!

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4 thoughts on “I just wanted to hug him!

  1. John Henry

    I look better with a beard. And about fifteen pounds lighter. It looks like soccer hooligans are setting off flares in the second photo.

  2. I like your belly, it keeps me warm at night!

  3. Tim

    I think people look better when it’s not 5 am…

  4. Becka

    Hey when are you going to post/email me those pics from our vietnamese dinner? I want to look at that creepy cat again. Thanks!

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