Starving in Ireland

Caught eating the last of the peanut butter!

My sister Becka and I decided on a whim to backpack around Ireland. We bought plane tickets, reserved a bunk in a hostel, and emptied our bank accounts. When we landed in Dublin we had $600, which was quickly converted down to 300 euros, and we needed to survive for a week. Food was not on the budget so we stuffed ourselves each morning on funky tang and old bread at the hostel’s free breakfast. We kept up our strength throughout the day by snacking on peanut butter and sugared dates we bought at a small grocery store.

Some days the hunger pangs got the better of us

If we had delayed the trip to save more , been scared to travel abroad alone, if we had wavered in our determination to live life to the fullest, we would have missed all this:

Becka and I absorbing history

climbing up to kiss the blarney stone!

Travel Tip: Have the cute local boys buy the pints!

St. Stephen's Green where romance blooms 🙂

We took a chance and had an amazing time. We took out student I.D’s and used them at every attraction, the only thing we couldn’t afford was a train to Belfast. In Dublin, Cork and Blarney though, we tore it up and had the time of our lives!!

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