First day blues

I’m always amused by the first day of class, the subject changes, the teachers differ, but the students seem to be exactly the same. Seeing as I am in nursing school the class consists of 16 girls with ponytails, 4 single moms, 2 senior citizens and 1 terrified looking man in the back. Each semester follows this formula, so I expected to find this same dynamic with my new computer class. Imagine my surprise when I had to wade through a sea of black trench coats and body odor just to find an empty seat. The room was packed with blinking monitors, humming wires and smelly men giddy with excitement to perform software applications. The only other girl in the class wore sunglasses and laughed at the lame humor of our professor, she also mentioned that she doesn’t watch t.v. so she’s obviously a liar and I hate her and this class. It’s gonna be a long semester.

p.s. does anyone else feel like they have a burglar hand when they wear gloves while opening a door?

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6 thoughts on “First day blues

  1. OMG… you poor girl. You can do this. 🙂

  2. i am a survivor

  3. So which one are you? Are you a ponytailer?

  4. I am the girl in the first row taking a stupid amount of notes while wearing a sweatsuit and baseball hat. I can’t risk my beauty being a distraction to the others in class.

    • LOL! I see your point. Good move, you don’t want to be a threat to the future intelligence of the nation.

  5. Tim

    Dang, even at Tech I could expect 2-5 girls in a class…oh, I guess with you it does make 2, so yeah, welcome to Computer World!

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