Build me a Tower

Howdy! Howdy!

In August of last? year( 2011)  I turned 26 and according to the government I should be, by all accounts, an adult. I am not. I still call my mom when I have a bad day and sleep with a stuffed manatee that John gave me on my half-birthday( which I celebrate, so plan accordingly!). I am still a kid at heart, still a college student, still have roommates, therefore should still be on my mom’s health insurance plan, right? Wrong!!!! Got a letter in the mail from our lovely provider that basically said after December 31st I could go f*ck off and die.

Here’s the problem, I have asthma and severe narcolepsy which will bring my prescriptions to a ‘have to live in my car’ cost of around $500 a month! Even with my medication I am barely able to function as a productive member of society. Today I took a 3 hour nap only to wake up, bike at the gym, eat Burger King and come home to sit on my couch… and I’m planning on going to bed around 10:30pm!

Panicked I called John,

“Oh my god are they really gonna let me die!!”

being a sensitive british man he tried to encourage me with,

“Well, this woman in my lab told me today about how her husband got cancer and they had to raise $10,000 before the insurance would pay for the rest of the procedure and they got the money but then he died.”


” So without your medicine are you gonna fall asleep forever like Sleeping Beauty?”


“I guess I’ll have to build you a tower.”

Thanks sweetie.

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