I see seals!! I see seals!!

Seeing as this is a travel blog I guess I should talk about travel, supposing I have been to more places than Target and Taco Bell. My most recent trip occurred in August of this year, to Scotland, home of the terrifying highland cow hat, and novelty bagpipe kit.

   Actual highland cow… now why do you want this on your head?

Anyway, despite the lousy souvenir shopping Edinburgh has to offer, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. My favorite being the boat ride John and I took into the North Sea to get a glimpse of a real seal!


This tour was included for FREE (my favorite word) with our three-day bus tour ticket! We were going to just blow it off thinking it was a desperate ploy to get tourist to shell out the extra dough for the additional day, but it turned out to be the most memorable part of our trip.

So here’s my unsolicited travel tip of the day: Abandon your cynicism and just jump right in! Make sure to read all of your ticket stubs, many attractions offer ‘bonus’ tours, coupons, and occasionally the location of a local gem!

Happy Travels!

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7 thoughts on “I see seals!! I see seals!!

  1. Becka

    Eww they really sell hats made out of the highland cow? Thats sad.

  2. Tim

    What you need to do is buy stock in those hats and then convince some designer that they’re the new big thing about to hit the US

  3. I’m sorry, Jeanette. I told Tim about your site and now he has bookmarked it and will, no doubt, stalk you and leave annoying comments constantly.

  4. Oh my, I knew I couldn’t escape Tim’s radar for long…at least this will keep him from being obnoxious on your blog!

  5. Highland Cow hats are cute! Don’t dare say otherwise…. Not that I’d buy one, or wear one – for that matter 😉

  6. I’m confused about why they picked a cow and not a sheep or a plaid piece of haggis?

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